Things to do as a Homeowner Maintenance of Your Water Heater

As a homeowner, it is very important to have a good water supply to your house. The water is used for a lot of things. The trait of water that is of great importance is the temperature it has. When the weather is hot, using cold water is not so bad. If the weather is very cold then having warm water is a must. This just shows that owning and using a water heater is vital. Due to the water heater being used so much by homeowners, it is the main consumer of energy in the house. The thing that is required for longevity when using a water heater is using regularly doing some maintenance. There is more than one maintenance move that you can use. In this article we take a look at some of the best water heater maintenance heaters that you can use as a homeowner.

The first aspect to consider is that you should so an annual flush of the water tank once in a year. If you have a water tank you should always ensure that it is flushed. Flushing the tank will prevent any sediment buildup. The water heater will have to work harder to heat the water when there is a lot of sediments. This is what will cause the skyrocketing of the energy bill that you get.

Secondly the water heater should have some insulation on it. This is one of the ways that you can be able to ensure the longevity of the water heater. You should use a good insulating material such as insulating foam. Insulating the water heater will prevent heat from leaving the water heater. This move will increase the efficiency of your water heater. Spread the insulation to the pipes as well.

The other thing that you should is to clean the air filter as well. It is vital for the water in the tank to have no debris. A clogged water heater is what will be pervious to debris. The water heater will therefore be easily damaged from the inside by the debris. Air filters can be washed by hand.

You should also know more about the state of the anode rods that are usually in the tank. If there are anode rods in the tank then the tank will no rust. Take the anode rods out of the tank if you check and see that they are way too rusted. Here if you do not replace the anode rods, you will get that the water heater has rusted. You should also read more about the importance of the TPR then check on it regularly.