Prisoner’s Resource-Know of Your Rights as a Prisoner

In as much as prisoners have much of their civil rights and liberties stripped of them, there are still a number of protections in place and operation according to the state and federal laws. One of these is such as the provisions there are under the Eighth Amendment where we see the laws clearly spelling it that all prisoners shouldn’t be subjected to any form of cruel or unusual treatment. Besides this, you need to know that the federal laws also operate to protect the prisoners’ basic rights and freedoms such as freedom of speech, religion and equal protection and without any discrimination. And as for the living standards, those in prison have a right to low living standards but those that meet the threshold for a basic living. This post takes a look at some of the basic rights that you need to know as far as prisoner rights go.

Generally, there are lots of rights of those in prison and of these, one of the mostly contested of these rights is that of their living standards and conditions. It is often the case that the living conditions in prisons will often not go beyond the bear minimum as set in the provisions of the Eighth Amendment. And talking of the Eight Amendment and its provisions with regards to the living conditions for those in prison, it is set clearly that the living conditions should meet the minimal civilized measure of life’s necessities. The adequacy of the living conditions in prison is actually determined by a number of factors some of which are the crowding inside the prison, food and nutrition, the standards of sanitation inside the prison, access to medical care and so on and so forth.

And as a matter of fact, there are a number of other rights that prisoners are often afforded and accorded anyway. One is the right to equal protection. The other right that you aren’t stripped of even as you serve time in jail is the right to observe and attend religious occasion and observe the attending religious rites while in prison. And besides these, you still enjoy your right to medical treatment as a prisoner. You should as well know that there are rights and protections against attacks from fellow inmates and the right to not be subjected to any physical attacks from prison guards. But this said and done, you should know that there are some rights that may not be quite guaranteed anyway as they are under regulation from the prison authorities and management such as the right to visitation.

There are as well parole rights that those in prison enjoy and you need to as well know of these as well. By and large, a parole is a conditional early release from prison.

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